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You now have a choice!

Which kind of translation do you need?


By carefully balancing skills and technologies we offer translations for different requirements and budgets, fulfilling the needs of everyone!

The Foreign Friend
... your LanguAgent!

By working with professional of all skill levels - from students to university professors - we can offer translations for all requirements and budgets!

Best for...
RFP technical specifications, marketing campaigns, instructions manuals, web sites, smartphone apps... We can meet all of your requirements!


We believe that a translation can claim to be “quality” only if it fully meets the requirements for which it was contracted. And one size does not fit all - that is why we prefer to offer ad hoc services, which always begin with an analysis of the customer’s requirements.

Which kind of translation are you looking for?

  • Low price: a translation with the sole objective of a basic understanding of the source text, limited in quality - but also in delivery time and budget - assigned to undergraduates or fresh graduates supported by powerful quality assurance software.
  • Basic: a translation assigned to a Junior professional, resulting in a text that can be used as is, or subjected to further editing.
  • Literal: a translation that reproduces the original text faithfully and goes beyond the outdated UNI ISO EN 15038:2006 standard for professional translations, by applying the work of Intermediate (not Junior) resources and a collaborative (not competitive) review.
  • Optimized: a translation that focuses on communications style, making use of Senior resources’ mastery of the target language to reach beyond the mere words, generating texts that look like they were written in another language - not just translated.
  • TransCreation: a service that adapts texts to the likes of another people by making use of copywriters, communications professionals who can negotiate all barriers, cultural, as well as linguistic.
  • Specialized: translation of technical texts (e.g. budgets, legal statements, instructions manuals, etc.) written in foreign languages, assigned to those who have mastered the subject matter as well as the language.

...additionally, we take our role of foreign friend very seriously, highlighting all choices which we do not advise when choosing your translation service!

Review - InnovativE

We do not believe in the traditional approach of performing the review as a “correction” - a necessary task, disconnected from and subsequent to the actual translation. The Foreign Friend has chosen the “collaborative” model, which gives the translator access to a reviewer’s support while performing the translation, by using a software interface that keeps everyone connected - customer (or delegates) included.

The simultaneous review offers the additional benefit of allowing the team to manage issues at an earlier stage, cutting down on production timelines by up to 30%, stimulating individual skills and intuition by leveraging the synergies of teamwork.

We should add also that our modular offering can cut out the review completely - thus avoiding the extra cost - whenever it is not required for the quality needed.

Project Management - FLEXIBLE

We offer customers no less than 10 different standardized production processes. We can also take care of their individual requirements with our collaborative management platform, web-based and accessible from any PC or tablet, which brings together translators, language specialists, customers and their foreign correspondents, etc .


“Quality assurance” is a vague term, not quantifiable. Depending on the service chosen, The Foreign Friend assures you a translation that is:

On time: we will refund up to 100% of the cost in case of late delivery.

Faithful: the translation will be performed by a linguist with at least 5 years of experience, under the supervision of another linguist with at least 10 years of experience, who will do a full review before delivery.

Error free: in the unlikely event that a mistake is overlooked by our state of the art quality assurance software and review process, we will correct it immediately.

Effective: the task will be assigned to a linguist with at least 10 years of experience, assisted by a Senior copywriter. The text is simultaneously translated and adapted, so that it appears as it had not only been written - but also created - directly in another language.

Correct in style: when the Senior translator completes the task, we will send you a preview so that you (or your foreign correspondent) can improve it, or point out the changes to us that you require.

Correct in terminology: the mastery of the language and of the contents of the text are guaranteed by a subject matter expert. In addition, a state of the art software reviews each individual segment, validating the use of the terms approved in the project glossaries.


It’s up to you! - Our Instant quote: gives you immediate access to the average cost and duration of the service: you can then share with us your specific requirements, including your budget and expected start/end dates! A Project Manager from our end will then send you as soon as possible a Custom Quote (free of charge and non binding), optimizing the use of your budget and timelines, selecting the linguists whose profile, skills, and cost are best aligned with your request.

Instant Quote

Why choose us?

  • Traditional agency
  • Technological agency
  • The Foreign Friend
Choice of translator skill level

NOT AVAILABLE (ONLY INTERNAL EMPLOYEES WITH AVERAGE EXPERIENCE) - In order to offset the fixed costs of labor, tasks are assigned only to internal employees regardless of their level of competency for the task, never to external vendors.

NOT AVAILABLE (ONLY EXTERNAL VENDORS WITH AVERAGE EXPERIENCE) - In order to keep rates below the selling price offered by the automated online quote published by the agency, tasks are assigned only to external vendors with average skill levels who reside in their home countries.

SIX OPTIONS (EXTERNAL VENDORS OF EVERY SKILL LEVEL) - In order to find the best match between the quality of the service and vendor experience (from student, for a basic understanding of texts, to specialist with over 20 years of experience for highly technical texts) we recruit external vendors of all skill levels who reside in their home countries.

Choice of service type

NOT AVAILABLE – With average quality translators, the agency can offer a single level of service.

SIX STANDARD OPTIONS, PLUS ANY NUMBER OF CUSTOMIZATIONS - Customers can choose the service that best suits their current requirements. And in case of large volumes we set up customized workflows!

Choice of team

NOT AVAILABLE - The customer is not allowed to choose, because the agency will assign the task to the first internal/external translator available.

DIRECT SELECTION - The customer can choose his preferred candidates for the translation as he fills out the quotation request form and, in some cases, may get directly in touch with them.


ON DEMAND - The customer finds out about the price of the service only upon submission of a request that explains the requirements and provides the agency with his company’s background (so the price ends up tailored to the estimated spending capacity of the customer).

INSTANT, BUT STANDARD - The customer queries an instant quote tool and can also place an instant purchase order for a standard service (which by definition cannot cater to the specific needs of the customer and to the availability of translators with the right skills).

INSTANT QUOTE AND CUSTOMIZED PURCHASE ORDER - The customer is presented with a price range (min/max) for the type of service he is looking for, and can then choose to request a purchase order that is tailored to his actual needs (materials, deadlines, budgets, quality, etc.).

  • Traditional agency
  • Technological agency
  • The Foreign Friend
Concept of quality

SERVICE VALUE - The quality committed to the customer is summarily expressed by terms such as “quality translations”, “top quality”, etc., which promote the value of the service and help sales, but do not provide any concrete evidence of what the service really offers.

USEFULNESS OF THE SERVICE - We believe that the quality of the service lies in its ability to meet the requirements for which it was commissioned. So a “Low Cost” translation is of good quality insofar as it provides a basic understanding for a minimal expenditure, whereas an “Optimized” translation is of good quality if it provides a faithful text that is pleasant to read.

Measuring the quality

IMPOSSIBLE - “High quality” is not a measurable standard: without specific definitions, customers cannot assess the quality delivered to them in order to hold the supplier to the commitment of “high quality”.

POSSIBLE - Quality can be readily measured by assessing if and how much the usefulness promised (basic understanding, faithful translation, etc.) has indeed been delivered.

Recruitment as a fundamental requirement for quality

LOCAL TRANSLATORS SELECTED BY INTERVIEWS - Since the agency must host staff on its premises, it is limited to recruiting professionals from its local area.

TRANSLATORS (OF AVERAGE SKILL LEVEL) FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD SELECTED BY TESTS - By subcontracting its projects over the Internet, the agency can look for professionals anywhere in the world (as long as their rates do not exceed the agency’s cost thresholds); recruitment takes the form of a translation test which does not necessarily provide a correct assessment of the translator’s “usual” level of quality (especially since these tests are often filled out by the candidates’ more senior colleagues without the agency being aware of it).

TRANSLATORS (OF ALL SKILL LEVELS) FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD SELECTED BY VALIDATING THEIR EXPERIENCE AND COMMERCIAL REPUTATION - We look for professionals from all over the world, reviewing their past translations and interviewing a number of references that is adequate to their experience. We will not reject the best just because they are the most expensive: our customers can rest assured that we are always able to provide the most appropriate resources for their requirements.

Quality controls

PROOFREADING - Translations are performed by internal employees (who are considered reliable by default), so the text usually undergoes just a simple proofreading from another internal resource.

COMPETITIVE REVIEW - Since it is in the reviewer’s best interests to win future deals for himself, he could take advantage of his role to make extensive changes which are often useless, and sometimes even harmful.

COLLABORATIVE REVIEW - Our proprietary platform allows project managers, translators, reviewers, and customers to be online together, creating powerful and productive synergies!

  • Traditional agency
  • Technological agency
  • The Foreign Friend

“FULL REFUND ASSURANCE” - The refund is usually guaranteed “up to 100%”, but is granted only if the customer presents a request within the deadlines and through the appropriate channels. It is also quantified at the sole discretion of the agency, according only to objective mistakes (grammar, syntax, spelling) and never to inappropriate style, which is not quantifiable.

WE BELIEVE THAT PROMISING A REFUND WILL DISCOURAGE THOSE LOOKING FOR RELIABILITY - Experience tells us that customers are not interested in getting their money back as much as fulfilling the requirements which led to the investment in the first place without wasting precious time - that they will never get back anyway! This is why we dedicate our resources to the selection and training of reliable translators rather than to the rejection of complaints.

Second edition

"SECOND VERSION" - Customers are usually entitled to a second edition, which allows the agency to buy the translation from an average/low quality translator, turning to more senior resources only if and when the customer proves to have sufficient language skills and presents a complaint within the deadlines and through the channels mandated by the contract.

"BEST FIRST" - We cannot offer a second edition that is better than the first, because we assign your text to the best available translator from the very first moment. What’s more, the customer can ask for changes to the text delivered as preview by communicating directly with the linguists (see also Deluxe Assurance).


"TRANSLATION IN LINE WITH THE CURRENT QUALITY STANDARD"- Professional translations - even when conforming to the EN 15038:2006 standard - are prepackaged compromises: costs, timelines, skills, and processes are balanced according to an abstract model, which is ideal for some requirements - but is therefore also completely unsuitable for others.

"TRANSLATIONS IN LINE WITH THE DIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS, PERFORMED ACCORDING TO STANDARDS OF PROVEN SUCCESS" - We offer our customers six translation models as well a limitless number of customized packages. The absence of objective errors is guaranteed by the skills and processes we put in place, while style is guaranteed - when such assurance is part of the service - by the selection of above average resources as well as by allowing the customer’s foreign correspondent to do a review before final delivery.

  • Traditional agency
  • Technological agency
  • The Foreign Friend
Transmission of materials

EMAIL - Files are delivered to the translators’ PCs as e-mail attachments.

ACCESS TO OUR SECURE CORPORATE SERVERS - The files are usually translated and reviewed directly online, on our servers, without sending copies around.

Risk of unauthorized subcontracting procedures

POSSIBLE - Translators can copy the material and secretly subcontract the job to other colleagues.

IMPOSSIBLE – The material is copy-protected, and translators are identified every time they access it by unique credentials.

Risk of unauthorized disclosure

POSSIBLE - Once uploaded to an automated translation service, texts become public and available to anyone.

IMPOSSIBLE - The Project Manager can set the translation environment to prevent the use of automated translation services.

  • Traditional agency
  • Technological agency
  • The Foreign Friend

SINGLE - A single costs implies the availability of a single class of professionals: once the price is set, the agency cannot recruit - and offer - professionals with experience and rates that are higher than the agency’s reselling thresholds.

MODULAR - We recruit translators of all skill levels. With our automated quote calculator customers have instant access to the minimum and maximum prices for each service, according to the rates of the translators we recommend. The customer can then ask for a custom quote and share his budget: the Project Manager will then optimize the use of the budget, selecting translators whose profiles, skills, and rates are in line with the requirements.


MODULAR, BUT BEWARE OF THE STYLE - Cutting down on timelines requires technologies and knowledge that are not yet commonplace: without the use of web-teamworking platforms the reviewer will be unable to coordinate the style and terms used by the linguists involved in the translation, and will be forced to wait until everyone delivers his part before being able to begin his own task. Unfortunately by that time it may no longer be possible to make the end result consistent, because the effort and time needed would cause the deadline to be missed.

MODULAR - If your deadlines are especially tight, we can assemble a dedicated team who will work non-stop across time zones! Our web-teamworking platform allows the reviewer to receive real time updates from the team members, so he can guarantee that the text will be smooth and consistent from the earliest stages.


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